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Sue Langbant of Nitro Promotional ClothingWhy NITRO?

Nitro was born back in 2004 and is run by myself, Sue Langbant along with my husband and business partner Matt.

I first got involved in printed clothing in 1986 when I was looking for someone to supply me with printed t-shirts to sell at a local rock n roll event. I struggled to find a supplier who could provide consistency and reliability so decided to have a go myself and that was it. 

I went on to work with international companies on promotions for Coca Cola, Nike, Budweiser and Oxfam, as well as local organisations such as Manchester United and Sheffield University. At the same time I loved to work with small businesses, supplying uniforms and workwear.

Nitro was started back in 2004 as a retail arm to the main business, selling printed and embroidered motor related clothing at events. We were then lucky enough to be involved with the supply of event shirts and crew wear for bike and car shows such as Farmyard Party, the NASC Nationals and drag racing events at Santa Pod.

Over the years I have attended and supplied to a wide variety of events, making lots of contacts and friends along the way.

I am committed to providing a service worthy of approval and a product suited to your needs.

Why not take advantage of our 30 years of experience - it’s free and I’d love to chat to you about your requirements.

Sue Langbant